EMC World Conference Promises to Rock Out

The Venetian of Las Vegas will be the host to the EMC World Conference 2013. Beginning on Monday, May 6 and concluding on Thursday, May 9, attendees can expect to be immersed in exciting lights, sounds, hands-on demonstrations and the latest information in catching and riding the data wave. From Backup to Virtualization exhibitors will be showcasing the best and most recent developments in the tech world! Based on highlights from 2012, EMC takes full advantage of the Las Vegas energy to make this event one not to miss.

Exhibitors will be looking to have the most exciting and informative spaces to engage and attract attendees to their booth. Every detail from back draping to lighting, sound to video walls, hands-on demonstrations to kiosks will be considered. If you are an exhibitor for this event or any other, the thought of having to lug all of that equipment in your own vehicle, unload, set up and get ready might make your back cringe in pain! Your Tech Travel Agent can take away all of that stress and allow you to focus on other important details. Renting equipment is as easy as 1-2-3. All equipment is delivered, set up and removed by a Tech Travel Team or Agent.   Contact your Travel Agent to reserve your equipment today.

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