Wedding Videos Create That Special “Story of Us”

More and more weddings are going high-tech.  Brides and Grooms are choosing either the wedding or the reception as a time to show a video of their story from childhood to that special day.  Software, like Animoto, is making it easier for couples to make their own videos.  A great example of the quality that can be created is told through Christine and Jason’s “Story of Us”.

So let’s say you have your dvd finished and now have to think about the equipment needed to show your creation.  Some venues/churches are not equipped with large screens or a projector of high enough quality. has solutions for you that are easy, no-stress and keep within a budget.  Projectors, screens, and laptops are available for daily rentals and will be delivered, set up, tested and then torn down and removed for a no-worries special presentation for your guests.  And the best part is, it doesn’t matter where the venue is located, your rental specialist will make sure the equipment gets to where you need it!

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