Los Angeles is a Preferred Location for Your Tech Travel Agent

106479046The second most populated city in the country, Los Angeles, is one of your Tech Travel Agent’s favorite places to do business. The city itself is a world center for business, trade, entertainment, culture, media, fashion and technology and is perhaps best known for being the “Entertainment Capital of the World” as it is the home of Hollywood, the center of motion picture and television creation, music production and video game development.

There are two main convention centers in Los Angeles that your Tech Travel Agent is very familiar with, the Los Angeles Convention Center and the Staples Center. The Los Angeles Convention Center has a total of 4.2 million square feet of space, including 867,000 square feet of exhibit hall and meeting space, and is also recognized as a city landmark.

The Staples Center, which is also a part of the L.A. Live Project, is a multi-purpose sporting arena located in downtown Los Angeles. It is conveniently located next to the Los Angeles Convention Center and was built and designed to offer entertainment, retail and residential programming to the downtown Los Angeles area.

For nearly 25 years Tech Travel Agents have been forming relationships and reputations with convention centers and exhibit halls in Los Angeles, including the Los Angeles Convention Center and the Staples Center. In that time, your Tech Travel Agent has learned exactly what it takes and what the easiest way is to acquire any type of technology rental at either of these two spots, or any others in the city.

No matter what you need, your Tech Travel Agent can acquire it for you. In addition to that, we also offer local delivery and installation as well as full customer support from your Tech Travel Agent, who is your single point of contact for your entire rental period.

Los Angeles is definitely one of your Tech Travel Agent’s favorite destinations to work in. With all the professionalism and dedication from convention center heads and local technicians, getting temporary technology in Los Angeles couldn’t be easier!

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