Tech Travel Agents Procuring Chicago Technology Rentals

Chicago SkylineTech Travel Agents do business in a lot of different cities in the United States, Canada and parts of the United Kingdom. Out of all the different places, convention centers and people that Tech Travel Agents deal with, one of the most popular cities is Chicago, Illinois.

Not only is Chicago the largest city in Illinois but it is also the most populated city in the Midwest and the third most populated city in the nation. Over 2.7 million people live in Chicago with more than a few DOW 30 companies also calling the city home.

In addition to that, Chicago is also home to one of the most popular convention centers in the country, McCormick Place. McCormick Place boasts 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space, 1.2 million of which is located on a single floor. It also has 173 meeting rooms, 4 ballrooms and 4 theaters.

With nearly 25 years in the industry of technology rentals, your Tech Travel Agent has become an expert on technology rentals in Chicago and has even formed a lot of meaningful and beneficial relationships with technicians, convention center directors and other industry professionals in the city.

If you are planning on attending a convention, conference or trade show in Chicago, whether it be as an attendee or as a presenter, your Tech Travel Agent has all the necessary skills and tools to get you exactly what you need to make the trip as perfect as possible.

Need a laptop rental to keep up with emails, contacts or to make business transactions? No problem. Need tablet rentals for survey administration or data collection? Your Tech Travel Agent will make it so. Need two-way radio rentals to keep in contact with your team while traversing the convention floor? No sweat.

Your Tech Travel Agent is your single point of contact for your entire rental period in Chicago. Whether you are visiting McCormick Place or one of Chicago’s other convention centers, like The Q Center, your Tech Travel Agent will make sure every aspect of your Chicago technology rental is in order.

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