Book a Dual Monitor Computer Setup from Your Tech Travel Agent

139879238One thing that a lot of people don’t consider when booking rental technology is that they can get customized setups, like computer rentals that include dual monitors. Dual monitors are perfect for the multitasker in all of us. They allow you to focus on more than one thing at a time because you have twice as much screen space.

I personally use two monitors on my own computer and I can’t even believe I was ever satisfied with anything less. Bring up your work project on one screen and keep your email open on another or face chat with someone on one screen while working on the other. The possibilities are endless.

A Tech Travel Agent is your one source of contact for your entire rental project and can help set you up with a dual screen computer setup, or one that has three or even four monitors (trust me, I’ve seen it done and it is intense). Whatever your monitor number need is, your Tech Travel Agent can handle it.

Whenever you book technology with your Tech Travel Agent, you get the benefit of having all of your equipment delivered by a local, professional technician who will also install and test your equipment to make sure it is working. Then, once you’re all done, that tech will come out, take everything down and return it, meaning you don’t have to worry about any of the hassles of logistics.

Renting a temporary computer setup with dual monitors also allows you to have access to technology that you wouldn’t normally have access to unless you laid down the money for a purchase. However, that can be expensive and you may not always need two monitors and may only need them for certain occasions. It is for these reasons that a dual screen computer rental from your  Tech Travel Agent is a perfect fit.

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