Windows Phone 7.8 Reportedly Coming in the Next Few Days

Windows Phone 7.8According to a ton of recent rumors, including ones from Tonis Tech Blog, Microsoft is poised and ready to launch its Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade on Wednesday, November 28th. Tonis Tech Blog cited unnamed sources (as usual) that are “near the subject.” In addition to that, WPCentral discovered some Finnish promotional materials that revealed there will be another update after the forthcoming 7.8 one.

These reports also appear to shed some light on a few new features that will be coming with the updates. Among those new features, the operating system will have a new start screen, as well as more color themes to choose from, allowing users to fully customize their Windows Phone to be unique to you.

Microsoft has been reached for comment on the rumors by multiple outlets, though you know how the story goes. Most companies won’t say anything at all and the ones that do usually stick with the old “we do not comment on any rumors” excuse. However, a company spokesperson from Microsoft did tell TechCrunch that the company would share more details surrounding Windows Phone 7.8 “in the near future”.

This kind of information may come as great news for Windows Phone 7 owners who took a chance with smartphones like the Nokia Lumia 900 or the Nokia Lumia 710. After unveiling Windows 8, Microsoft confirmed that old phones would be unable to upgrade to the new version.

The Windows Phone hasn’t been a huge success, though it hasn’t been an abysmal failure either. In a market that is increasingly hard to succeed in, and with stiff competition from devices like the iPhone and Galaxy S smartphones, being able to stay afloat whatsoever is a true statement. The one thing users crave, however, are updates to the latest software and operating systems, something that Windows Phone 7 users are finally getting.

Source: CNET – Windows Phone 7.8 rumored to launch this week

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