Verizon Accidentally Reveals Droid DNA Before Launch Event

Droid DNAIn a slightly premature move, Verizon has confirmed the newest DROID phone coming to the carrier, the DROID DNA. Verizon revealed that the DROID DNA would be the centerpiece of its November 13 launch event, while images showing the (alleged) final design of the phone have hit the internet ahead of schedule as well.

The DROID DNA, which was made by HTC, was referred to name by Verizon as the flagship device on the carrier’s own DROID DOES site. In addition to that, the carrier also revealed the promise of a pre-launch unboxing exclusively through Verizon’s Google+ page.

A press shot also showed up, revealing the final design of the DROID DNA and shows that the device has Beats Audio branding and 4G LTE connectivity. Compared to some of the other extravagant or colorful devices that HTC has produced lately, the DROID DNA is pretty conservative, with a simple red flourish around the lens.

HTC has also included its traditional hardware touch buttons for back, home and multitasking as opposed to the example set forth by Google’s Nexus with its software keys. Exact specifications of the Verizon DROID DNA have yet to be revealed, though the biggest draw here is the 5″, 1080p full HD display.

That is the same display that HTC has already used on the HTC J Butterfly, which was announced back in October in Japan. Considering the aesthetics of the DROID DNA are so similar (seemingly) to the Japanese device, one can assume that the internals may be similar.

If that holds true, then the DROID DNA would come with 2GB or RAM along with a quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064 processor, 16GB of internal storage and a microSD slot. This is all speculation, of course, though we don’t have long to wait as the full reveal is slated for this coming Tuesday.

Source: SlashGear – Verizon DROID DNA prematurely confirmed and pictured

Picture Source: evleaks

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