New BlackBerry L-Series Accidentally Demoed by Rep

BlackBerrySometimes people forget. Have you ever forgotten? Well I have and apparently so has a representative in Mexico for Blackberry. Pics have been popping up all over the internet recently of a BlackBerry representative in Mexico with the company’s latest L-Series phone. The only problem with this is that the phone the rep is using is supposed to be a secret, or at least it was.

The BlackBerry representative demoed the device to Mexican site Hola Telcel, which subsequently posted a video of the demo online. During the clip, which has since been removed, the representative showed off features of the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. These features included the ability to virtually “rewind” a photo taken with the device in order to settle in on an expression you prefer the most.

The silver lining here (for the rep at least) is that this isn’t the first leaked information about the device as photos and videos started popping up last month about the device. RIM is counting on the new devices to help the company better compete against companies like Apple and Android vendors like Samsung.

RIM has yet to release any concrete specs about the device, though the L-Series is expected to hit store shelves in early 2013. BlackBerry used to be one of the most popular names in the smartphone industry. However, since the creation of the iPhone and the increasing popularity of Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S III, BlackBerry devices have quickly fallen out of favor with the general population.

It’s hard to tell with absolutely no specifications as to whether or not the L-Series is the phone to put BlackBerry back on the map. I’m going to go ahead and so no, simply for the fact that it is a tough market to get into, let along get back into after you have fallen so far behind.

Source: CNET – Whoops! BlackBerry rep shows off secret phone

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