iPhone 5 May (Or May Not) Be Coming to Virgin Mobile Soon

iPhone 5 Virgin MobileThe iPhone 5 is on nearly every major mobile platform in the United States save for one, Virgin Mobile. Ever since the device launched recently, people have been pondering when or if the device would ever make it to the carrier. Sprint’s prepaid Virgin Mobile began offering the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 over the summer, but there hasn’t been any real word on when it will be offering Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 4S.5, I mean the iPhone 5.

Well, according to MacRumors, Apple has already confirmed that it has readied Virgin-specific CDMA iPhone 5 units. The recent news states that U.S. iPhone 5 devices will be hitting Virgin Mobile in both black and white versions and in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models, though the carrier has yet to confirm any of this.

Users looking to have the iPhone 5 in a prepaid format can get the phone on Cricket as well as a small offering of regional carriers, though MacRumors states that 16 official iPhone carriers in the United States, including Virgin Mobile and the regional carriers for Alaska Communications, are the only companies that don’t yet offer the smartphone.

If the carrier does in fact get the iPhone 5, then the plan would most likely be comparable to the one offered with the iPhone 4S when it launched on the carrier back in June. Prepaid customers were given the carrier’s Beyond Talk unlimited data and messaging plans starting at $35 per month. There is no contract attached to this plan or activation fee, though users do have to pay $550 for the iPhone 4 and $650 for the iPhone 4S.

Considering the fact that Virgin Mobile has been  particularly tight-lipped on its possible iPhone 5 launch, it is unclear when it will actually happen, if at all. For those looking for a decent prepaid offering for the iPhone 5, your only real bet right now is Cricket unless Virgin Mobile does, in fact, launch the iPhone 5 here soon.

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