Acer Plans on Supporting Windows RT

Acer logoAccording to a company spokesperson, Acer is still planning on producing Windows RT devices at some point in the future. This statement comes after the company’s CEO berated Microsoft for building the Surface RT tablet. On Monday Microsoft excluded Acer from its list of Windows RT device makers.

According to the Acer spokesperson, “Acer plans to incorporate Windows RT into our product roadmap, but we have not yet confirmed the timing of our product launches.” Acer President Jim Wong stated back in June that the company would release ARM-based devices running Windows RT in the first quarter of 2013. He didn’t specify that the device would be a tablet but did call it a “portable device”.

This statement comes from the company after a blog post from Microsoft declared that Asus, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung will produce ARM-based PC designs. However, neither Acer nor Toshiba was listed by Microsoft as a producer of Windows RT devices, even though both had indicated intentions earlier to build Windows RT tablets.

One thought is that the companies on Microsoft’s post may only be the ones that will have Windows RT devices ready in time for an October 26 release, along with Microsoft’s own Surface RT 10.6″ tablet and the Windows 8 OS. Toshiba confirmed after the blog appeared that it won’t be delivering a Windows RT tablet, for now, due to delays in obtaining components.

Acer’s CEO stated earlier this month that he believes that the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets will drive a wedge between Microsoft and its hardware partners. In one interview Wang urged Microsoft to “please think twice” about building Surface.

It has been noted that hardware partners will have to pay Microsoft for a Windows RT license¬†in addition to¬†their costs to build such tablets. They also won’t have the ability to recoup losses through apps sales and content as Microsoft would.

Source: PC World – Acer Still Supports Windows RT

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