New 2013 Chrysler Viper and Ram Coming with Downloadable Apps

162661269Ever wished your car was a smartphone? No? Well, whether you’ve wished it or not, it’s happening, in a manner of speaking. Two of Chrysler’s cars will be getting the smartphone treatment in the sense that they will soon be able to access their own app store.

The 2013 models of the Chrysler Ram 1500 pickup and the SRT Viper sports car, both of which are expected to be released later this year, will come equipped with some features born from Chrysler’s partnership with Sprint which was announced in March. Among the new features is the ability for the vehicles¬†to act as a mobile WiFi hotspot, send text messages via voice command and offer emergency and location services using the Sprint 3G network.

Sprint sees this partnership with Chrysler as a huge plus. According to President of Wholesale and Emerging Solutions for Sprint Matt Carter, “We believe this has positioned us quite well.” Chrysler said that the new features in the Ram and Viper are what the next wave of consumers want in an automobile.

According to Marios Zenios, Head of Chrysler’s Uconnect Systems and Services Division, “One area we focus on is the next generation of buyers who do not know a world without the internet and connectivity. We know for a fact that our customers are asking for these types of services and experiences.”

Chrysler owners will get an app store in their car if they go with the new Ram or Viper, according to Zenios. Drivers will be able to log onto a Uconnect website and choose what apps they want to use, like ones related to safety, entertainment or navigation, and the car will download them via Sprint’s network.

In addition to that, the cars will be able to act as WiFi hotspots, with drivers able to log on to the Uconnect website and pay for access, allowing any WiFi-enabled device to go online while in the car. Also, a number of emergency and customer service features can be accessed via the mirror.

Other standard services, like voice-command text messaging, navigation and phone calls, will also be available. Both Chrysler and Sprint are looking forward to what they are calling a “next-generation slate of services”, although neither company offered any additional details on what that entailed.¬†According to Carter, “It brings a new area of services into the vehicle. We’re not only looking at today’s needs, but the needs of the future.”

Source: CNET – Get ready to download apps to your Chrysler Ram or Viper

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