Could the iPhone 5 Come with NFC Chip?

iPhone 5SIf recent patent filings are correct, then it seems as if Apple is trying to make controlling multiple devices through a single control, like the iPhone, possible. According to the patent, “The control information may be received from a near field communication interface of the controllable electronic device or from a radio frequency tag associated with the controllable electronic device.”

The patent also mentioned other features, like scanning a barcode with the iPhone, thatĀ could also pair electronic devices and provide control. Other devices mentioned by Apple in the patent that could be controlled using the iPhone included gaming consoles, video recorders, DVD players, televisions, projectors, light switches, home security systems and garage doors.

The iPhone could also use its weather app to help adjust the thermostat in your home to the appropriate temperature and enable users to control a camera to zoom in or out, change settings or even capture a photograph.

While this is all very exciting, this isn’t the first time something like this has popped up. The thought of an NFC chip being added to the iPhone has been seen in alleged iPhone 5 prototypes, which has led developers to conclude that NFC will be used with Apple’s new Pasbook app, an app that is already set to arrive with the release of iOS 6 this Fall.

In addition to the NFC chip patent, Apple has filed a patent to use NFC in order to introduce a “Gifting” feature. This feature would allow users to share iTunes files through Playlists. This is definitely an interesting patent filing and just more evidence that the iPhone 5 may not be too far away.

Source: PC World – Apple Patents Hint of iPhone Equipped with NFC

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