Tablets to Dominate the Market in 2016

large-quantity-ipadsTablets are becoming the fastest growing pieces of technology since the introduction of the smartphone. With Apple spearheading the growth with the iPad, other companies have also launched their own tablets, including Samsung, Acer, Asus and more. Tablets can now be found in bookstores, schools, public libraries and other places. I mean, you can even rent a tablet nowadays. But just exactly how popular are they?

Well, according to Frank Gillett, an analyst for Forrester Research, tablets will become the main computing device for most users within the next four years, or by the year 2016 (if you want to get technical). Gillett recently forecast that nearly 275 million tablets will be sold globally by 2016, compared to the 56 million that were sold in 2011. That is almost double the amount predicted by IDC, which only sees 200 million units sold by 2016.

The reason for the drastic difference in predictions is that Gillett’s figures factor in the workplace. According to Gillett, “There’s no barrier of a vertical screen, no distracting keyboard clatter, and it just feels natural to share a tablet among co-workers compared to spinning around a laptop.”

It is for these reasons, Gillett believes, that tablets will become the preferred primary device for millions of people around the world. In 2016 one-third of the tablets sold will go to business users, Gillett predicts. The total installed base of tablets by 2016 is also expected to reach 760 million.

Gillett doesn’t believe that tablets will eventually kill desktops, however. Gillett did say, “Eventually, tablets will slow laptop sales but increase sales of desktop PCs for creative work that requires major processing power or a large display.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Gillett and believe that tablets will be the dominant force in the next couple of years? Or will they still remain more of a luxury like they are today?

Source: Computerworld – Tablets will be preferred computing devices in 2016

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