Rent a 2000 Lumen Projector

2000 Lumen Projector RentalThe 2000 lumen projector is the most commonly rented projector in the industry. What is a lumen? Lumens are the SI (international standard) measurement used to measure the amount of visible light that is emitted by the projector.  When looking for a projector rental, you will need to know the amount of lumens you will require. Several factors can play into choosing the amount of lumens but as an average, 2000 lumens will get the job done for a standard sized presentation. For large venues or large audiences, more lumens are needed. Also other light sources can have an effect on the performance of your projector rental. Things like windows, ceiling lights, etc… can require more lumens so that the presentation is seen even when there are other light sources.Picking the Right Lumens

Small Meeting Room Projectors:
These are great for business meetings and small conferences with around 5 – 50 guests. A small room projector rental usually carries around 2,000 lumens and is able to work in dark and dimly lit situations.

Medium Meeting Room Projectors:
Great for large meetings and conferences with a guest size of 50 – 500. Medium room projector rentals will come with a 5,000 lumen bulb and will work in all lighting situations.

Large Meeting Room Projectors:
Ideal for large conferences or conventions, parties, and stages with a guest list larger than 500. Large room projector rentals come with a top of the line projector that comes with 10,000+ Lumens.

A Tech Travel Agent Can Help

Whether you are a sales person, hosting a training session, or just giving a business PowerPoint presentation, a 2000 lumen projector rental can help you to deliver the perfect message. Projector rentals from a Tech Travel Agent produce brilliant sharp images with great contrast and resolution. What’s great about booking your projector rental from a Tech Travel Agent is that you get all your needs taken care of with one point of contact. The Tech Travel Agent will do the rest including shipping, on-site installation, setup and troubleshooting and of course, equipment pickup. Let a Tech Travel Agent make your next 2000 lumen projector rental a breeze and make your event or presentation really shine.  Call 1-888-882-0102.

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