Laptop Rental Classifications

Laptop RentalsThere is a lot of confusion about the difference between the different classifications of laptops. For instance, what is the difference between notebooks and laptops? Essentially there is no difference, often times the two words are interchangable. However, for the sake of making a distinctions, some would argue that the size and computing power associated with each is the difference. There are about four groups of laptops: full-size laptops, standard laptops or notebooks, subnotebooks (mini laptops or ultraportables), and netbooks . The main differences between the three is the sizes and computing power. Some differences are almost negligible.

Laptop Classifications

Full Size Laptop Rentals  are the largest of laptops, they get their name from the fact that they have ‘full-size’ keyboards. They are better for those who are looking for computing power that is comparable to a desktop, while still maintaining mobility. They are great for giving presentations and popular amongst lecturers, teachers and speakers. Additionally, they have larger screens (up to  18.6″) and keyboards than the other mobile options, which is better for watching videos and general entertainment.

Notebook rentals generally range between 12″ and 14″, but can go as small as 6.4″ (subnotebooks). They are great for anyone who travels, especially for business trips and vacations. Notebooks are not meant for gaming, video editing, presentations or any intensive computing, they are usually only used for simple tasks like checking email, browsing the internet, and word processing. Most traveling businessmen do not need anything with serious power, but need something to keep them connected, that is when a Notebook Rental is ideal. Additionally, notebooks have longer battery lives. If mobility is your concern then a Notebook Rental is a better solution than a laptop.

Netbook Rentals offer even more mobility and less computing than a notebook. They are even smaller (can be below 5″) and more portable than a notebook but are designed specifically for internet browsing, email and wireless communication. Netbooks are especially focused towards “cloud” users.

Depending on your need, consider a Notebook Rental or Laptop Rental for your next vacation or out-of-town meeting. Tech Travel Agents also offer Tablet PC Rentals and iPad Rentals.


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