Interactive Kiosk Rentals

Kiosk RentalsKiosk rentals are especially ideal for conferences and trade shows where the need for self-service technology is temporary. Other popular uses include gaming, surveying, marketing, registrations, ticket sales, internet access points and contact information collection points. With several models, styles and colors to choose from, a Tech Travel Agents can assist you in tailoring a kiosk to your specific needs.

Customizing a kiosk rental allows you to choose from many options like: Screen Type, Screen Size, Speakers, Drives, Installed Software, Scanners, Printers, Card Readers and more!

Renting vs. Purchasing

Purchasing kiosks can be expensive and its not economically viable to purchase an expensive piece of equipment for a temporary use, especially if you need more than one. In addition, shipping and storing kiosks can also be an expensive endeavor, so renting makes a lot of sense when it comes to interactive kiosks.

Get Kiosk Rentals for your next event!

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