Projector Screen Rentals

Projector Screen RentalsWhether for a business presentation of for other personal uses, projector screen rentals and screen accessories can enhance any presentation. These rentals come handy especially for those who own their own projector but don’t own a screen (usually because people rely on a blank, white wall as their screen). Or perhaps they own a screen, but its not portable and they have a presentation somewhere else. For these reasons, and many more, Tech Travel Agents can acquire a large variety of screen rentals for events large or small, indoor or outdoor:

  • Portable Tripod Screens ranging from six to eight feet.
  • Folding Screens ranging from 6×8 to 9×12 feet.
  • Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screens ranging from 9 to 12 feet.
  • Large Venue Screens, both folding and truss-based ranging up to 22.5×40 feet.

Tech Travel Agents can also offer projector screen accessories like Dress Kits to help increase the aesthetic appeal of your presentation or movie. Dress kits can hide all the trusses or supporting frames so that you get a seamless look that is more professional. In addition Tech Travel Agents can supply projector rentals and projector accessories like wireless presenters with laser pointers or a portable projector stand.

Get a Projector Screen Rental for your next presentation.

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