PA and Sound System Rentals

Sound System RentalsSound systems are in most cases the kind of technology that is best suited for renting. The fact is that most events do not occur often enough to justify the purchase of an entire audio system, whereas events that utilize them the most, such as conferences, conventions, or trade shows usually occur annually. For these kinds of events, a sound system rental is the ideal solution for such a temporary need.

Sound System Rental Packages

Tech Travel Agents can customize a sound system package that is tailored just for your event. We offer several speaker and microphone rental packages for all types of situations. The smaller packages feature low wattage speakers for conference rooms, breakout sessions, rehearsal dinners, training, meetings and presentations. Standard packages feature medium wattage speakers that are common for medium sized venues like hotels, banquet halls and large conference rooms. Our larger packages offer higher wattage speakers for events like conventions, weddings, small concerts, and political campaigns.

Sound System Rental Options

Several of our venue packages work with multiple audio devices simultaneously, including iPods, DVD players, laptops, MP3 players, smart phones and of course, microphones. These sound system can also output to a recording device.  We offer both wired and wireless microphones (lapel or handheld). Additionally, we rent battery-powered sound systems for outdoor events or events that don’t have a reliable power source. Stands and sound mixers are also available.

Check out our Sound System Rentals or our Event Rentals and decide which is best for you!

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