Gerber’s New Multi-tool Comes with Built-in Tripod

Gerber Steady multi-toolI’ve seen a lot of things in my life. Some of them I cannot explain with words (and some I wouldn’t want to try to) but never have I seen anything like the newest product from Gerber, the popular constructor of handy┬ámulti-tools. Multi-tools, or Swiss Army knives for the laymen out there, are handy little devices that combine multiple tools into one object. Most of the time they come with pliers, scissors, knives, mini-saws, measuring devices, screw drivers and, if you’re lucky, a toothpick.

However, Gerber has just designed a new multi-tool that takes the design to the next level. The newest version of the Gerber multi-tool, known as the Steady, comes with everything you would expect in a multi-tool with one very interesting addition, a pop-out tripod and screw for a digital camera. That’s right, aside from turning into anything else you need, your new Gerber multi-tool can now turn into a tripod for your camera.

There is a small gray leg on either side of the multi-tool that folds down to form the legs and a screw on top to hold your camera in place. This will make taking group photos or video even easier as you will be able to position the camera in a variety of ways, thanks to this extremely portable tripod.

In addition to the tripod, the Steady also has a knife (naturally) and twelve other unique tools to help transform you into your own personal MacGyver. If you want the Steady now and just cannot wait to use the tripod, then you are out of luck. The multi-tool won’t ship until sometime in 2012 for a cost of $65.

This is the perfect tool for any traveling tech specialist. The multi-tool gives you the basic equipment you may need to do a quick fix on a laptop, projector or camera, and the tripod allows you to have all the convenience of a full size piece of equipment right in your pocket.

Source: Slash Gear – Gerber’s new Steady multi-tool has a tabletop tripod inside

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