Thunderbolt Battery Help

ThunderBolt is a powerful 1GHz smartphone which is great for traveling businesspeople. The bad news is it has a small battery to power the powerhungry 4g  phone which also has a large 4.3″ screen, LTE capability, and Sense UI, so battery life is a problem.

I get about 3 to 4 hours of life when I use the phone hard and about 6 hours on average. But this is a new phone and I often travel so I need more life than a few hours.

There are battery add on’s such as the Extended Battery/Door, black, for HTC Thunderbolt which buldges the smartphone to nearly double the width, making the sleek phone, bulky.

For now I’m going with a second and third battery with external charger. With 3 batteries and a charger, I can have power where I need it. These two extra batteries with charger are only $24.99: Hyperion HTC Thunderbolt 4G 2x1500mah Battery + Charger (Also compatible with HTC Merge, MyTouch 4G, and Lexikon)

One more tool you will need is a wide flat head screwdriver to open the case since it is impossible to open without a tool. This one costs $2.87:  Westward 5MW45 Screwdriver, Pocket

Other power saving ideas include:

1. Turn brightness down to 20-30%
2. Set timeout to 30 seconds
3. Manually turn off the screen with top button every time you are finished
4. Turn off GPS when not using
5. Turn off Bluetooth when not using
6.  Turn off 4G when not using
7. Turn off Mobile Hotspot when not using
8. Turn off WiFi when not using
9. Turn off Vibration  -go to settings/language & keyboard/touch input/text input and uncheck vibrate
10. Auto-Sync manually
11. Close all apps when finished, especially camera, video chat, Google Talk and any streaming app
12. Reboot phone every day or so
13. Keep an eye on rogue battery consuming applications with Watchdog. (The free version works fine).
14. Put phone in Airplane mode when you travel to areas where there is no cell service.

You don’t have to do all 14 things on the list. Just choose the ones that make the most sense for you.

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