Travel Clothes for Tech Junkies

iDressThere are lots of ways to make traveling with technology easier. You could get a more accessible bag or tech that is all around easier to transport. But, have you ever considered the fact that your clothing can help you travel with technology more easily? Neither did I until I heard about it. There are lots of different articles of clothing that you can get that make it exponentially easier to travel with technology.

The first piece of clothing that can help you travel with tech is known as the iDress. This is the ultimate little black dress for all the tech savvy ladies out there who can’t leave home without their Apple gadgets. It comes complete with niffty pocket to slide your iPad into. According to designer iClothing, this dress will take you”from the office to the cocktail lounge”. The pocket is concealed and makes for a great anti-theft defense if you are prone to pickpockets.

Next up is the wrist band portable battery. This Lithium-Ion battery is worn just like a traditional bracelet and provides power to to all your favorite gadgets like your iPhone, PSP or MP3 player. This allows you to be on the road without the fear of your technology running out of power. The only thing you need is a USB port on the device you wish to charge.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I travel in the cold, I find it annoying to wear headphones under the hood of my sweatshirt. Well now, that will no longer be a problem thanks to a new brand of hoodie that has actual working headphones stitched directly into the hood. And just in case you were wondering, the headphones, and the hoodie, are completely machine washable.

This next one is a little weird, well, for me at least. Mood clothing has built-in sensors that detect your heartbeat, skin temperatures and other physical features that show off your mood. Mood clothing changes and will give you things like “Mood Memos” in the form of video messages or text messages right on the sleeves of your clothing. I’m not sure how this works but it sounds…interesting.

Last up is the Ultimate Tech Jacket. This one looks like something out of a sci-fi movie or something. It has multiple pockets to warm your hands and secret pockets inside other pockets to hide those things you find most valuable. Other pockets are capable of holding flash memory cards as well as extra batteries for your phone. It can even hold everything your briefcase would and run wires for your cell phone, iPod or PDA. It basically makes backpacks, bags and anything else used to carry stuff obsolete.

I’m not sure how many people out there need to have their tech with them this much, but it’s nice to know the options exist if you need them.

Source: Reuters – 5 Types of Travel Clothes for Tech Geeks

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