New Airfare Tracker API Released by Yapta

Yapta APITraveling can be a lot of fun. You get to go to some cool places, see and try new things, meet new people and have an overall great experience that you can, hopefully, one day look back on and say “I did that.” However, traveling can also be stressful, irritating and difficult if you don’t do things right. And if there is one thing nobody wants, it is to have their vacation or travel mucked up by a simple, easily avoided mistake.

That is why has just released a beta version of their API for their entire suite of traveler tools in hopes that everyone from bloggers and travel sites to travel agencies and just people going on vacation will embed their tool in their sites. There is already a current API from Yapta that is available to developers who register and request an API key with

What the API does is use a price-tracking system to give users access to price checks for things such as travel services like flights and hotels. The API will also give access to not only large travel agencies and websites but small ones as well, allowing them to offer Yapta services via an integrated interface within their very own sites. Aside from that, Yapta is hoping that developers will take their API to other platforms like desktops or even mobile devices in the form of an app.

The API makes use of JSON, or Javascript Object Notation, which has been described as a “lightweight data-interchange format.” According to Yapta, “Our APIs are built on Yapta’s proprietary and patent-pending price tracking system and technology. This dynamic, distributed and multi-source price-tracking system provides a high frequency, high precision and high reliability platform for monitoring air and hotel price fluctuation.”

Visit for all the details on the API and how you might be able to get an API key.

Source: argophilia – Yapta Releases Airfare Tracker API

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