Google’s Acquisition of ITA Hits a Few Bumps

Google HeadquartersIt is no surprise that Google has done great things in the world of travel. They have done a lot of things like teaming up and offering free WiFi to holiday travelers and making many tools to help you in your personal travel. Google’s tools can help do anything from planning your trips to getting pricing on different hotels.

However, even though Google has been doing great in the realm of travel, it does appear that their attempted acquisition of ITA, the company responsible for creating many of the travel websites used today like Orbitz and Trip Advisor, has hit a couple of speed bumps in the travel world.

Attorney General for Missouri Chris Koster has publicly spoken out against the acquisition due to its “potential impact on the ability of consumers to search online for competitively priced airline fares in a market that has seen rapid growth.”

There are a lot of people out there who fear that Google’s acquisition of ITA could hurt competition, especially for sites like Orbitz and Expedia. Even though Google claims that it has absolutely no interest in making¬†reservations¬†on their on site, it could potentially make aggregators redundant.

By using Google, you are able to find the best deals and go directly to those websites as opposed to working through an aggregator. The U.S. Justice Department will soon be deciding on whether or not to allow Google Incorporated go ahead with the $700 million deal. If Google does successfully acquire ITA, the effect on the travel industry could be huge and with the hard economic times we are in, this could hit travelers hard as well.

Source: Travel Planning 101 – Google’s Travel Industry Exploration Hits Bumps

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