Traveling with Tech for Students and Teachers

students with laptopsTraveling with technology is no small feat. Not only do you have to make sure you have every piece of equipment, like cables, mice, etc… but you also have to make sure that your equipment is protected. There is nothing worse than packing up your laptop and arriving at your destination and finding out that you either forgot something or that your laptop is damaged or not working correctly.

Being safe while traveling with technology is especially important for teachers and students. Patrick Evans, Marketing Communications Coordinator with STA Travel, the leading travel agency for youth travel, has this to say about traveling with technology, “Resist the urge to stay too ‘wired’ when traveling as it takes away from the experience.”

The prospect of getting a hotel with WiFi is always a positive, but what do you do when the hotel WiFi is on the fritz? Evans recommends a Belkin Mini Surge Protector. According to Evans, “You cut down on carrying adapters because it acts as a surge protector and an outlet strip.” The built-in USB chargers will also let you power up a couple of gadgets at the same time you charge your laptop.

Evans adds, “Some STA customers bring their cases for laptops and other electronics with them, but a lot of them will scrap cases and wrap their stuff in clothes. DSLR cables in T-shirts, for example – it keeps things protected and it’s a lot lighter.” This is especially good for students who like to travel light. Students are always on the move and they need to travel light.

These tips should help traveling with tech not only for students and teachers but for anybody. Having all of your bases covered is just as important as making sure your equipment is housed properly and safely.

Source: Budget Travel

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