Tech Travel to a Huge Computer Rental Shop

Tech Travel Agents have access to the best shops, inventory and manpower to get your project done, under budget and on time. This computer rental shop is a huge 40,000 square foot shop with the capability of benching 100 computers at a time! Awsome, never seen anything like it before. Check out the configuration setup area for imaging computers with you company operating system and software! Up to 500 computers per day can be imaged here in one day.

Tech Travel Agents have five Chicago area based shops with inventory and and manpower. With the Tech Travel Agent Command Center, high tech rental products and manpower can be sourced within minutes and sometimes seconds. Often times a quote can be emailed to you while you are on the phone.

Often a Tech Travel Agent will source projectors from certain companies and computers from others. Providing a seamless delivery and installation from multiple vendors. Best of all, the customer only receives one bill. Only one vendor, and one person, and one bill, your tech travel agent from

You may source any computer rental need you have here:

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