Traveling with Tech for Students and Teachers

Traveling with technology is no small feat. Not only do you have to make sure you have every piece of equipment, like cables, mice etc… but you also have to make sure that your equipment is protected. There is nothing worse than packing up your laptop and arriving at your destination and finding out that you either forgot something or that your laptop is damaged or not working correctly. . . . → Read More: Traveling with Tech for Students and Teachers

Is There a GDS App Store?

Third party software developers don’t get enough credit. They make a lot of fantastic apps and have made quite an impact on the technology market as a whole. Just look at your app store and browse the thousands of legitimate Third party apps that have been created and you will not be able to deny the impact 3rd party developers have had. But where do they stack up in the travel industry? Do Third party developers have any type of role in the travel market? Are there any factors out there that inhibit their contribution to the innovation of travel technology? . . . → Read More: Is There a GDS App Store?

Tech Travel to a Huge Computer Rental Shop

Tech Travel Agents have access to the best shops, inventory and manpower to get your project done, under budget and on time. This computer rental shop is a huge 40,000 square foot shop with the capability of benching 100 computers at a time! Awsome, never seen anything like it before. Check out the configuration setup area for imaging computers with you company operating system and software! Up to 500 computers per day can be imaged here in one day. . . . → Read More: Tech Travel to a Huge Computer Rental Shop

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