One Point of Contact For Event Planning Technology

A Tech Travel Agent is your one contact for bringing together your entire trade show or convention experience. A single phone call to an agent can allow an event planner to completely circumvent the logistics of acquiring the appropriate technology, on time and in working condition, along with on-site technicians.


If you are putting together a trade show booth and need computers for company use or even to engage your booth’s visitors, an Agent can have any kind of computing device delivered straight to your booth and installed.  Anything from high-end machines for booth visitors to play demo versions of new video games at E3 or tablet computers that help you keep track of all that is coming and going.


A Tech Travel Agent can also help you rig up a complete audio-visual experience. Let’s say that your company has a modest booth at a trade show.  A simple plasma screen rental can make your booth much more dynamic and stimulating, and  it would be even more interesting if your audio was being played through high quality speakers. On the other hand, it might be a very large convention you are planning, in which case much more elaborate technology is needed. Imagine sitting in a large convention and seeing large format video walls, dynamic lighting arrangements, and a high-quality sound system. For convention planners, that enticing image is often followed by the daunting realization that bringing that image to reality is an arduous task, embodying a logistical labyrinth. This daunting burden need not be dreaded or carried, since a single call to a Tech Travel Agent can relieve a convention or tradeshow planner of logistical burdens.

Wireless Communication

Convention or trade show planning isn’t really over until the event itself is over.  Things simply do not always go as planned, and often plans need to be adjusted as quickly as they are executed. Reality therefore demands that event planners have each other ready-at-hand and on-call at a moment’s notice, and this requires wireless communication devices. A Tech Travel Agent can supply event planners with any form of quick wireless communication, from Nextel rentals to two-way radio rentals and various PDA devices. Rarely would planners need to use such devices after an event is over, so renting that kind of temporary-need technology for the duration of an event is very practical and ideal.

Computers, Desktops, Laptops, Servers and the latest in Portable Tablet PCs are available from your computer rental company,

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