Tech Travel Agent Computer and Technology Rental Service for your Event

Are you ready for your next big event? If you have the privilege of presenting your company in a conference or meeting then you need good properly working AV and computer rental technology. You could ship or carry projectors, plasmas and laptop computers. But that isn’t always convenient to do it yourself, plus it can end up costing more than if you rented.

Remove the Hassle, Stay Focused on your Event
Any businessperson who has traveled with technology knows it is quite a hassle no matter what mode of transportation you choose. A laptop computer has to be removed from its case to get through security. Plus it has to be closely monitored during the trip. The risk of theft or damage is always possible when you are traveling with technology, such as projectors, printers, or display monitor.  Hire a Tech Travel Agent to eliminate this hassle.

Better Equipment than you Can Buy
Are you willing to buy and ship that 103″ plasma screen or 14′ video wall? Do you really want to own expensive equipment? You can’t buy some of the best av equipment that is readily available from your Tech Travel Agent.

Installation Nightmares become Installation Dreams
When you travel with your equipment, you can have a nightmare installation, especially if something arrives damaged.  This could cause a disaster for your  presentation, making your company look less than professional. It could make the whole trip a waste. If you rent equipment for a conference, you can be assured that everything will be installed, tested and ready to go when you need. It is much easier and nicer to arrive at the Convention Center with all equipment, configured and ready to go for you.

A Tech Travel Agent will make sure that everything works together perfectly. Your Tech Travel Agent will make sure that everything is working correctly so that your  presentation can be done without problems .

Before you pack and ship av / computer equipment for your next conference or trade show, call a Tech Travel Agent.  You will be pleasantly surprised  how easy the process of renting works.  Plus, you will also get better prices than convention centers or hotels will offer.

With the services of your personally assigned Tech Travel Agent, you can relax and travel without hassle of traveling with a bunch of expensive stuff. Find out more at

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