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As the modern business world continues to rapidly evolve, many of us find ourselves being asked to do more and do it more efficiently. We may even find ourselves doing projects that once were handled by a larger and more specialized office staff. But in today’s tough economy, businesses are making do with fewer, yet more flexible employees. Businesses are also cutting costs by avoiding long term contracts for equipment and services. Renting mobile communications technology for traveling employees, only when needed, is one example of how these two trends intersect.

Aircard Rentals

Aircard Rentals NationwideIf you have a short term need for mobile broadband on your laptop, netbook, or even a desktop computer, then an aircard rental is the way to go. Whether you need it for a business trip or an out of town meeting, an aircard rental can keep you online and connected to your office, customers, family and friends. An aircard rental also is great for a temporary point of sale need that might arise while at a convention, tradeshow or other special event that lacks any fixed internet connectivity. Renting a mobile broadband technology can avoid the hassle of dealing with a mobile provider and avoid any long term contractual obligations.

Compass 597 by Sierra Wireless Rental

Mobile Broadband Capable
Wireless High-Speed Data Capable
Easy Installation and Activation
Windows Vista/XP and Mac X OS Compatible
Good Security
Sprint Smart View

Nextel Rentals

Nextel Rentals NationwideWhen you are in need of the latest push-talk technology for a short term project, then consider a Nextel rental. Popular for emergency communication needs, large construction projects, and events so large that radio coverage is not practical, a Nextel rental can get your staff connected worldwide.

Nextel rentals are the perfect choice for providing short term group connect services, GPS tracking and navigation, time tracking, Next mail, and even barcode scanning capabilities.

A Nextel rental can also be delivered right to your hotel, convention, or construction site nationwide, so you don’t have to hassle with pickup.

Nextel i570

Increased Durability – Refined Rubber Overmold
Advanced User Interface (One-Touch shortcuts to phone features, icon driven menu, 5-Way Navigation
GPS enabled, Direct Send, Speakerphone)
Group Connect
High Audio Speaker
Voice Activated Dialing

Radio Rentals

Radio Rentals NationwideWhen your project calls for reliable two-way radio communication for two or two hundred employees, a radio rental can prove to be an effective and affordable solution.

Popular for trade shows, corporate events, construction projects, security operations, concerts, and disaster recovery operations, a two-way radio rental can arrive at your office next day and help you and your team stay connected as long as the project demands but not a moment longer.

Kenwood TK-3173
128 Programmable Channels
Multiple Talk groups
Small, light and compact
Lithium-Ion Battery. Extended Battery Life

Kenwood TK-3160
16 Programmable Channels
Small, Light and Compact
Lithium-Ion Battery. Extended battery life

Motorola HT-750
16 Programmable Channels
X-Band Technology
Rugged And Reliable

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