Don’t Panic; Call a Tech Travel Agent

Don't Panic; Call a Tech Travel Agent No matter how hard you try to be prepared, there is always the possibility that disaster can strike your business at any time.  It could be a natural disaster such as a tornado or flood, or something like a network outage or criminal activity.  Regardless of the cause or type of disaster, don’t panic.  A Tech Travel Agent can help by providing you with temporary technology rentals, computer service and more, to help you recover from your disaster.  When you do find yourself in the midst of disaster, you need help fast.  In many cases a Tech Travel Agent can have equipment delivered to your business within a few hours of contact.

Disaster Plans

But why wait until disaster strikes?  Any good business should already have a disaster plan in place.   If you use computers, you need a plan that involves your network, keeping up with important data, and storing at least one copy of  important data off-site.  You’ll also need a back-up plan that involves getting your hands on temporary hardware, operating systems, software, and engineering staff in the event you need it.  Tech Travel Agents can help you develop such a plan.

Temporary Set-Up

In some cases, your entire physical business location may have been damaged beyond use and you may need a temporary office set-up.  A Tech Travel Agent can help you with that as well.  They can help you relocate your technology and provide engineers and installers who will help you get set up in a new temporary or even permanent facility.  Best of all, they can do it anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Response Time

Tech Travel Agents know that every minute your business is not up and running is a minute you’re losing money.  Time is important when it comes to business.  That’s why your calls, emails, and web inquiries are handled with top priority and answered as soon as possible.   Once the details are finalized, equipment can begin to be delivered to your site within four hours of order confirmation.

If you’re in need of computer rentals, office equipment rentals, or computer service, due to a disaster, or you just want some help setting up a disaster recovery plan, contact a Tech Travel Agent today.   You can reach us by calling toll-free 1-877-422-1907 or by emailing

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