Who Needs a Tech Travel Agent?

Who Needs a Tech Travel AgentYou may see the term “Tech Travel Agent” and wonder, who needs a Tech Travel Agent exactly?  The answer is almost anyone who needs temporary technology.

Here are a few examples of what professionals are saying about their Tech Travel Agents:

Trade Show Exhibitors: When Isabella Barlow exhibits her interior design business at various home shows across the country, she knows she can count on a Tech Travel Agent to have her plasma TV rental delivered to the location, whether it’s in a small town or a major city.  “That’s what I love about Tech Travel Agents,” Barlow said after a recent trade show in San Diego, “I can be attending a trade show at the San Diego Convention Center or a much smaller show in some high school gym in a city I’ve never heard of, but I know I can count on them to deliver the technology I need to showcase my work.”

Human Resources Departments: Karen McLean is the director of human resources for a medium-sized business in Wilmington, North Carolina.   Whenever her company hires new employees, she is in charge of scheduling a week-long training class.  These classes can range from two to twenty employees, depending on what time of year they take place.   “It’s simply not in our budget to go out and buy new computers for training classes that we only hold once every few months.  The computers would find themselves locked away in a storage closet, gathering dust and we’d never get our money’s worth.  Anytime I have to schedule orientation classes for new employees, I immediately put in a call to my Tech Travel Agent and she gets the laptops to my office, on time, as promised.   I can’t think of anything better than that.”

CPAs:  Carlos Lopez owns a small accounting firm in San Antonio, Texas and as you can imagine, he is forced to hire a few temporary employees when tax season rolls around each year.  While he does great business, he can’t afford to buy new office equipment that is only used for about two months every year.  “Computers lose so much value in just one short year because of all the new technology coming out.  For me to buy three to seven new desktops that will be outdated within a year or two is ridiculous.   I always turn to a Tech Travel Agent in January for computer rentals and sometimes even copier rentals and printer rentals when the need is there.  I love that they keep the most up-to-date technology and have such a wide variety.”

Traveling Executives: As a traveling sales rep, Kellie Marino knows the importance of good customer service and competitive prices.  These are two reasons she chooses to deal with a Tech Travel Agent when she needs temporary technology.   Based out of the Chicago area, Marino travels around the Midwest to areas that need the agricultural products she sells,   “I travel a lot for my job and deal with a lot of farmers and people in the business of agriculture and manufacturing.  More often than not, I find myself in an office or business that doesn’t have the right technology for presentations I’ve prepared to help boost my sales.  I’ve used other companies before, but I find that Tech Travel Agents are not only the most proficient, but they’re able to get me the best prices on projector rentals and other technology, and they do it with a smile.”

Other people who use Tech Travel Agents include: event planners, corporate training program coordinators, pharmaceutical sales representatives, convention organizers, TV news networks, conference planners, accounting departments, corporate finance department, emergency-disaster recovery management teams, universities, law firms, consultants, other service companies and SMB business owners.   If you fall into one of these categories and think a Tech Travel Agent can help you with your temporary technology needs, give us a call today at 800-736-8772.

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