Georgia World Congress Center: Your Green Destination

Georgia World Congress Center: Your Green Destination

The Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) opened its doors in 1976 in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia.  Today, at over 3.9 million square feet, the Convention Center is one of the largest in the nation.  It also sees about 1 million people pass through its doors each year, but even with this traffic, the GWCC is leading the way in being “green,” by diverting a significant amount of trash from landfills.

Through recycling, donating leftover food, and composting, the GWCC says that in the first quarter, they were able to prevent 96 tons of waste from being thrown away.   In 2009, the Center was able to divert 216 million tons for the entire year.   A significant portion of the waste diversion came at an Microsoft event held in April.  There, GWCC managed to divert 64% of the 57 tons of trash created at the four-day event.   This included baling 1.4 tons of cardboard and 4.2 tons of plastic, aluminum, paper, and glass.   Microsoft helped with the project as did Levy Restaurants, who donated 1.5 tons of food to the Atlanta Union Mission and 29 tons food waste to be composted.

In a statement issued by the GWCC, assistant general manager Patrick Skaggs said, “We are constantly working to improve and expand our sustainable practices and hope that numbers like this will be the norm in the future.”

That means that any future event, trade show, convention or conference held at the GWCC will not only be great for business, but for the environment as well.

Go green and have your next event at the Georgia World Congress Center.  And while you’re focusing on saving the planet, let your Tech Travel Agent focus on saving you time, energy, and money by providing you with top-notch Georgia World Congress Center Computer Rentals.  For more information, contact your Tech Travel Agent at 1-800-736-8772 or by visiting

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